Extreme Weather update (Snow)

The snow beat us to it this year, but here are the snow procedures if it happens again!

In making the decision about opening arrangements, the key questions we have to address are:

  • Whether the school is safe for opening.
  • How likely it is that disruption on the roads will affect staff’s ability to arrive before the children, especially those who do not live locally.
  • How likely it is that worsening conditions will lead to children being stuck at school with no-one to collect them.
  • How likely it is that travel for children coming to school by car or public transport will be disrupted or too risky.

We will do our best to communicate clearly what the situation is regarding any possible closures or changes to the school day. In the event of heavy snowfall overnight, we will publish the closure on the school website and will also contact you via email by 7:30am. Learning for that day will transfer to our online learning platform, Seesaw.

In the event that it starts to snow during the school day, we will advise you via the same routes as above i.e. email via our Arbor system and the school website. Please remember that staff who live some distance are unable to leave the premises until after the last child leaves so it would be appreciated if you could have an action plan in place in case of this eventuality. Please be assured that the school will open unless the safety of adults and pupils is at risk.

As soon as we begin exit procedures, our priority is to exit pupils safely and securely and may not be able answer telephone calls. It would be helpful if you could give a letter of permission to whoever is picking up in advance ready for this eventuality.