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Welcome to Nursery!

Our current learning journey is 'All about me'

Meet the Team

Meet the Team 1 Mrs Whitehill - Teacher
Meet the Team 2 Miss Uttley - Teacher
Meet the Team 3 Mrs Brown - Teacher
Meet the Team 4 EYP Mrs Hayley Vine
Meet the Team 5 Morning EYP Mrs Nikki Cole
Meet the Team 6 Afternoon EYP Mrs Regina Toop
Meet the Team 7 Nursery Assistant Miss Rumi Begum
Meet the Team 8 Morning EYP Mrs Catherine Calvert

All about me.

The children will be looking and talking about what makes them all special and unique.

We will identify things that are the same and different, having fun looking in mirrors and then trying to draw ourselves.

Our phrase is 'Choose it, use it, put it away' .

The children are reminded to follow our Be Safe and Be Caring rules with our fun Bee characters.

We have a Super Turtle character that helps us to keep trying. Sometimes things may seem difficult but, if we keep trying they will become easier.

If you have any questions please do come in and speak to your key worker.

Nursery Lunch Club


We now have a lunch club every day 11.30-12.30

Mrs Hayes is our Lunch Club Leader


Welcome to Nursery 2016