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Spring 1- Superheroes

Let’s put on our capes and discover our superpowers as we search for an answer to the question, ‘What is a superhero?’

This half term, we’ll describe our favourite superheroes, create posters and make paper sculptures of superheroes. Learning about real-life heroes from organisations such as the RNLI or Mountain Rescue and from the past, including Florence Nightingale which will allow us to appreciate human bravery.

As part of this project, we’ll explore our senses of smell, touch, taste,    hearing and sight and investigate different foods. We’ll also test our superpowers by climbing, running, jumping and moving to music. There’ll be opportunities for us to create superhero works of art and to compose superhero soundtracks on digital instruments. We’ll have plenty to share at the end of our project and we will create an exciting, whole-class superhero performance in PE.