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Spring 1 - Muck, Mess and Mixtures

We’re warning you; this is going to get messy!

This half term, we’ll have a messy afternoon to investigate mixtures, from paint and toothpaste to slime and shaving foam.

We’ll use our science skills to explore everyday materials, investigate soap products and understand why mixtures freeze and melt. We’ll learn how to measure using scales, measuring jugs and cylinders accurately. We’ll taste a wide variety of foods, learn about healthy eating and follow recipes to make some yummy treats
including ice cream! Our artwork will also rely on our mixing skills.
We’ll use marbling inks to make unusual patterns, create food landscapes inspired by Carl Warner, paint with ice cubes and use a variety of materials to make mixed media collages.

At the end of our project, we’ll turn our classroom into a gallery for the rest of the school to visit. We’ll use our scientific knowledge and understanding to teach a
science experiment to others.