Nursery 2023/24

Nursery Lunch Club General Information


Our Nursery Lunch Club has been established to allow the children an extra hour at nursery and to eat a packed lunch brought from home in the company of other nursery children, supervised by our nursery lunchtime staff.


Arriving and Collecting from Lunch Club:

The Nursery staff will settle the children into Lunchtime Club straight from their morning nursery session. Please collect your child promptly at 12.40pm.


Lunchbox Information:

Your child will need to bring their own healthy packed lunch that will be eaten on a picnic mat in a designated area of the Nursery classroom. Please follow our do’s and don’ts for packed lunches. More hints and tips are also in your pack.



Lunchbox Do’s

Lunchbox Don’ts

Do clearly name your child’s packed lunch box

Do provide a healthy and balanced lunch

Do make sure your child can access the food easily

Do make sure any drink is in a carton or a bottle with a sports lid (water is always available at Nursery)

Do make sure your child’s lunch box is clean

Don’t include any nuts in your child’s packed lunch (Beware of items that may include nuts, including cereal bars, peanut butter, etc)

Don’t include fizzy drinks or glass bottles

Don’t give your child sweets or a whole chocolate bar

Changing Days:

If you would like to change the pattern or cancel the days on which your child attends Nursery Lunchtime Club we will need half a term's notice in writing, this is to ensure we have the correct ratio of staff to supervise the children.



Each session costs £5.00 (subject to change)and you will be invoiced in advance every half term. You will be sent further details when your child starts in September.


Contacts for Assistance

If you have any queries regarding your invoice, payment or vouchers, then please email via call on 01727 519221.


If you have any other comments or questions please don’t hesitate to contact the School Office or the Nursery Lunchtime Club Staff.

Please find the Nursery Lunch Club form by following this link: