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Autumn 1 - Street Detectives

This half term our learning journey is

Street Detectives



Are you ready to investigate?

Grab a magnifying glass because we’re going to become street detectives!


This half term, we’ll follow a route around our local streets and take pictures of the buildings, businesses and plants we can see. We’ll find out about the history of landmarks in St Albans City and how they have changed over time. Looking at photographs will help us to spot any similarities and differences between the buildings of today and the past. After reading the Three Little Pigs we will re-write the story. We’ll also study and draw maps and write algorithms to direct one another around a map. In Art we will look at Claude Monet’s Houses of Parliament and explore how we can create different textures and patterns using lines and dots. We will also be investigating the question ‘How do plants  grow in winter?’.