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Summer 1 - Let It Grow

This half term we are learning to:


¨ Plan and write our own stories based on Jack and the Beanstalk.

¨ Plant seeds and write instructions on how to do it.

¨ Listen to, discuss and perform poetry.

¨ Use place value and number facts to solve problems using numbers up to 1000.

¨ Add and subtract two two-digit numbers using mental and written methods.

¨ Measure capacity, volume, temperature and mass using appropriate unit (ml, l, oC, g, kg).

¨ Develop our athletics skills including running, throwing, jumping and skipping.

¨ Observe and describe how seeds grow into plants and explore what they need to grow.

¨ Use techniques to mould and carve clay to create a plant pot.

¨ Create and perform a musical composition to represent a plant growing.

¨ Design and make a game on a coding app.