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Spring 1- Globe Trotters

This half term


We are learning to:

¨ Plan and write a story using ‘Meerkat Mail’ by Emily Gravett as a stimulus.

¨ Research for and write non-fiction reports on the historical figure, Christopher Columbus.

¨ Write list poems using a range of interesting vocabulary and techniques.

¨ Compare units of time and read the time to the nearest five minutes.

¨ Recognise, find, name and write fractions of a line, shape, object and quantity.

¨ Complete addition and subtraction equations of 2-digit numbers using regrouping and adjusting.

¨ Learn and refine skills and tactics when playing invasion games.

¨ Find out about and perform different forms of dance from other cultures.

¨ Research localities from around the world that contrast with our own.

¨ Understand some of the religious beliefs and practices of other cultures.

¨ Observe and name a variety of sources of light and understand about how we see things and how light travels.

¨ Follow our e-safety guidelines to stay safe when using technology.

¨ Explore a range of patterns and textiles from different countries and use weaving to create a final piece.