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Splendid Skies - Spring 1

This half term our Learning Journey is


Splendid Skies


Lots of our learning will be inspired by our own experiences, the weather and climate.

We are looking forward to finding out lots about the Hurricane of 1987.

We will be having lots of discussion and learning about time, chronological order and other aspects of Mathematics.


In English we will be reading stories with familiar settings and writing our own stories, reading poetry about the seasons, reading and writing non-fiction texts about The Hurricane of 1987.


In Maths we will be exploring calculation strategies within 20, telling the time to the hour and half-past and exploring numbers to 40.


In Computing we will be using word processing to create a short piece of writing.


In Science we will be assigning weather types to seasons, describing how day length changes, gathering data  for a scientific investigation and conducting ice investigations. 


In History we will be learning about a famous historical event - the Hurricane of 1987.


In Geography we will be understanding the the terms: weather, seasons and climate and how they have specific meanings.


In PE  we are learning to move with some control and awareness of space, we will also be developing team work and fair play skills.


In Music we will be listening and responding to a famous piece of music—Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and composing a piece of music with symbols to create a score for the Four Seasons.


In D+T we are designing, making and evaluating a pinwheel, using the skills of sawing and drilling.


In RE we will be understanding that we all belong to different communities and know what it means to be part of a community. We will also be exploring naming ceremonies.


Our Eco Learning will be understanding the importance of sustainable resources to avoid air pollution.

We will also be :


· Using our Super Turtle Learning Powers to become happy

        positive learners.

· Learning new phonemes and graphemes (Phase 5).

· Spelling tricky words and using phonics learning in our spelling.

· Reading: reading aloud, sounding out words we are unsure of, talking about what we have read and checking it makes sense.

· Discussion and sharing of ideas, through clear delivery of whole sentences.

· Handwriting: looking at correct letter formation, size and position on the line.

· Self-help skills: organising belongings within the classroom, making sensible choices and developing strategies for dealing with tricky situations.

· Developing understanding of the 4  Bees and how they help us to behave well with others.