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Do you want to be friends?

Do you want to be friends? 1




Our first learning journey this year is 'Do you want to be friends?'

This is a learning journey which will see us getting to know our new environment and finding out about our new classmates.

As part of this learning journey we will be reading a variety keys texts such as 'Starting school' and 'Bumble be


The children will be heard read once a week by classroom staff and once a week by a parent reading assistant.  They will also take part in guided reading as a class on a Friday as part of our phonics lessons.  During these sessions we encourage children to sound out and blend the words. We also work on comprehension and ask the children questions about characters and what is happening in the story.


In Maths we will be learning about repeated pattern and becoming familiar with numbers 1-6. You could help with Maths at home by:

  • playing games such as snakes and ladders or dominoes
  • going on a shape hunt around your house
  • playing 'guess the shape' or 'guess the number'
  • working on number formation
  • adding two groups of objects together
  • Singing songs such as 'five little speckled frogs'

If you would like more ideas please feel free to come and ask us after school.


In PE we will be focusing on learning how to get changed independently and playing games with simple instructions.


The Rainbow staff are always happy to chat and discuss any issues with parent and carers so please do not hesitate to contact us.smiley


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