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Paws, Claws and Whiskers - Summer 1

This term we will be finding out about big cats, in particular our own class animal, the Sumatran tiger. We are also looking forward to our visit to Whipsnade Zoo where we will be able to see lots of big cats. 


In English we will be designing and writing a leaflet about Sumatran tigers, exploring alliteration in poetry and deepening our understanding of traditional tales.


In Maths we will be exploring, adding and subtracting numbers to 100 and solving money problems.


In Science we are learning to name, identify, describe and compare the main animal groups.


In Computing will are researching information and finding images to use in our leaflets.


In Geography we will be finding out about the area where Sumatran tigers live and comparing it to where we live by researching, asking questions and finding similarities and differences.


In PE we will be playing team games thinking about tactics and developing our throwing, catching and jumping skills.


In Music we are learning songs about animals by heart; we will also be listening and responding to The Carnival of the Animals.     


In D+T and Art we will create an abstract design for a polystyrene tile and print onto fabric.


In RE we will be looking at special books and finding out that The Qur'an is a special book for Muslims and The Bible is a

special book for Christians.


Our Eco-theme for this half term is understanding how habitats can be changed by humans and how this imposes a threat on animals and plants.



On-going learning:

Using our Super Turtle Learning Powers to become happy learners.

Using  all the phonemes and graphemes  we have learned  when we are  reading and spelling.

Spelling tricky words and sounding out words carefully when writing.

Reading in different contexts and for different purposes.

Reading aloud, sounding out words we are unsure of, talking about what we have read and checking it makes sense.

Discussing and sharing ideas, using whole sentences.

Using cursive script when we write.

Recognising when we need to solve mathematical problems.

Developing understanding of the 4 Bees and how they help us to

behave well with others.