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Investors in People




                                       January 2010

The following is an extract from the assessment report in January 2010

“Fleetville Infants School was originally recognised in May 1998 and re-recognised in May 2001, July 2004, September 2007 and January 2010

Having undertaken a comprehensive review against the Investors in People Standard, I am of the opinion that the School continues to fully meet the criteria and has further enhanced the culture of involvement and ownership linked to staff development and achievement. “

Strengths include

˜ A commitment to staff training and development˜ A high level of informal thanks and praise and acknowledgement of good work˜ An open, supportive culture within the school˜ People who enjoy working in the school and feel it is a happy environment for children˜ A robust planning process˜ Close links between staff development and the aims and objectives of the school˜ The opportunity for all to review the aims and values˜ The use of external speakers and advisors as appropriate˜ The very robust induction system with excellent booklets˜ The encouragement to people to take appropriate development opportunities˜ The vision, direction and enthusiasm of the Headteacher˜ The support offered by the Governing Body

“I would like to take this opportunity to wish all staff continued success. Congratulations once again on your continued achievement of Investor in People status.”