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Children of the World - Autumn 2

This half term our Learning Journey will be


Children of the World


Lots of our learning will be inspired by our own experiences and the world we live in.

We are looking forward to finding out lots about different religions, cultures and countries.

We will be having lots of discussion and learning about 2D and 3D shape and other aspects of Mathematics.


In English we will be writing about events from our own experiences, reading and learning about poems from around the world, retelling and rewriting stories with patterned language.

In Maths we will be investigating and developing a deeper understanding of numbers to 20; including addition and subtraction and developing knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes.


In Computing we are developing our understanding of algorithms and simple coding.


In Science we will be deepening our understanding of the human body and the senses and asking scientific questions.


In History we will be making observations and comparing toys from nowadays and from the past. 


In Geography we will be creating simple maps to develop our knowledge of the local area.


In PE  we are using a variety of skills when playing games and developing simple dance sequences.  


In Music we will be learning to sing songs and perform in front of an audience.


In Art we are using a variety of techniques to create a self portrait.


In D+T we are designing, making and evaluating items created for a specific purpose. 


In RE we are learning about festivals of light from different religions. 


Our Eco Learning will be to think about how we can reduce our carbon footprint and food waste.


We are also looking forward to preparing and practicing and performing our Christmas production in front of an audience. 


We will also be :


· Using our Super Turtle Learning Powers to become happy

        positive learners.

· Learning new phonemes and graphemes (Phase 5).

· Spelling tricky words and using phonics learning in our spelling.

· Reading: reading aloud, sounding out words we are unsure of, talking about what we have read and checking it makes sense.

· Discussion and sharing of ideas, through clear delivery of whole sentences.

· Handwriting: looking at correct letter formation, size and position on the line.

· Self-help skills: organising belongings within the classroom, making sensible choices and developing strategies for dealing with tricky situations.

· Developing understanding of the 4  Bees and how they help us to behave well with others.