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Welcome to Blue Class.

We are looking forward to an exciting new term!

Mrs Scott teaches us on Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Mitchell teaches on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Mrs Davies is a trainee teacher who also helps us with our learning.


We all learn together and try to work hard at being Super Turtles.

We know what is means to follow the 4 Fleetville Bees.



Our learning journey this half term is


City Explorers

We will also be :


· Using our Super Turtle Learning Powers to become happy

        positive learners.

· Learning new phonemes and graphemes (Phase 3 & 5).

· Spelling tricky words and using phonics learning in our spelling.

· Reading: reading aloud, sounding out words we are unsure of, talking about what we have read and checking it makes sense.

· Discussion and sharing of ideas, through clear delivery of whole sentences.

· Handwriting: looking at correct letter formation, size and position on the line.

· Self-help skills: organising belongings within the classroom, making sensible choices and developing strategies for dealing with tricky situations.

· Developing understanding of the 4  Bees and how they help us to behave well with others.