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Autumn 2 - Passports at the ready

Autumn 2

This half term our learning journey is called

Passports at the Ready!

We will be focussing on India and its similarities and differences to the UK.


 In English we will be writing firework poems and making an information poster all about India.


In maths we will be investigating measures, graphs and starting to look at multiplication and division.


In PE we will be learning the skills needed to play hockey.

We will also be taking part in Bollywood and traditional Indian dance.


In Geography we will be comparing and contrasting different localities. (India and UK) We will be using atlas' and globes to locate countries.


In RE we will be exploring the festival of Diwali.


In Science we are investigating electrical circuits and using conductors.


In DT we are going to be designing and making our own Chapatti bread.


In Computing we will be researching and retrieving information about India to use on our posters.


In music we will be using tuned and untuned instruments to compose a group piece of Indian music.