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Autumn 2- Marvellous Monarchs

We are learning to:

¨ Plan and write the re-telling of a traditional story.

¨ Write first-person recounts of events that have happened.

¨ Create shape poems based on single words.

¨ Compare and measure lengths of objects in m, cm and mm.

¨ Interpret and collect data using graphs and to use simple databases to record information.

¨ Develop calculation strategies to multiply and divide numbers (2, 5 and 10 times tables).

¨ Be curious scientists when investigating healthy lifestyles.

¨ Participate in team games and develop simple tactics for attacking and defending.

¨ Listen to various music types and begin to create simple dance routines and sequences with partners or groups.

¨ Investigate the lives of significant individuals from Britain’s past.

¨ Master practical cooking skills when designing, making and evaluating a product.

¨ Listen to a range of music from a historical period and experiment with un-tuned instruments to create small pieces inspired by this musical style.